Advanced Camp

July 14-17, 2024

FEB 18TH UPDATE:  SOLD OUT...  please fill out the registration form to be put on the waitlist

$600 Overnight 

$450 Commuter

Courts:  Godwin Hall, Convocation Center, UREC

Dining:  D-Hall

Dorms:  Jennings Hall

The Advanced program is recommended for current or future high school varsity and club players, age 10-18, with a commitment to the sport and possible motivation to play in college.  This intense camp stresses 6V6 play, skill instruction and physical conditioning.  This camp is recommended for any campers with one or more year's volleyball experience, but it is open to any and all applicants.  In 2023, 89% of campers rated their JMU Camp Coach as either superior or excellent.

Overnight Campers will have supervised dormitory housing on campus and all meals provided.  Campers will stay in Jennings Hall with up to two campers in each room. 

Commuter Campers will eat breakfast at home and arrive at camp for their first session of the day.  They will join overnight campers for both lunch and dinner and depart after the evening session (between 8:00-9:15P) at Godwin Hall.  Campers will receive their schedules at the first session of camp (after skills testing) to know what time to arrive the next day.  

For those campers staying for both Advanced Camp and Overnight Position Camp, we offer an Extra Night Stay on July 13th that includes housing and meals.  The Extra Night Stay is $100.00.

This Advanced camp is currently waitlisted - please fill out the registration form to be put on the waitlist and we will go in the order that the campers registered to offer the spots if they open.  Please DO NOT pay for this camp until you have received confirmation that there is a spot.




Please print off and bring the completed JMUVB Camp forms below.  These forms are required to participate and will be collected at registration (2 pages total).

2024 JMUVB Camp Forms.pdf


Below you will see our first day of camp schedule, as well as our James and Madison waves.  You will be told which wave you are in during the first session and you will be given your schedule (James Wave or Madison Wave) at that time.  The waves are not divided by skill level, both waves have campers with a lot of experience and campers that do not have as much experience.  We will give you a copy of the first day schedule at check-in for your reference until the first session.  Monday is "Madison Monday" - Wear all the purple, gold and JMU gear that you have on Monday.

Advanced Camp Camp Guidelines Day 1 Schedule.pdf
Advanced Camp James Wave Camper Schedule.pdf
Advanced Camp Madison Wave Camper Schedule.pdf


Please see the following document for all of the information on check-in, registration, tournament play, parking and check-out.


*We do not have time to evaluate each camper for an extended period of time during this testing period.  Please bear with us as we try our very best to get each camper on a team with other campers with similar skill levels.  We evaluate campers based on technique, skill and results.  We try to make teams age appropriate, as well.  Also, based on numbers and positions, the skill levels can be different.  For example, if there are only a handful of middles at camp and a lot of outsides, a team with an outside that tested high might be on a team with a middle that tested a little lower.  If campers would like to be on the same team as a friend, please have both campers put each other on the bottom of the skills testing card where it asks if they want to be with a friend.  Please note that you could be placed on a team with a friend that tested the lowest.  Parents:  Please have the conversation with your daughter in regards to what you would like them to do.  If friends are not on the same team, there is a chance they could be in different waves, therefore, on different schedules until dinner time.  If friends ask to be together, a camper might be placed on a team that is the skill level of their friend.  We encourage you to think through this decision prior to arriving at skills testing.  Thank you!



We will have a copy of this on the back of your schedule to give you at check-in.

Camp Map.pdf


Please make sure each camper has $40 at camp in the case that they lose a room key or meal card.  There is a $30 charge for a lost room key and a $10 charge for a lost meal card.  Let a coach know if you have misplaced either and we will get a replacement asap.  If you lose your room key on the last day, we kindly ask that you stop by the table to pay the $30 before departing camp.  This enables us to not have to take room key/meal card check deposits in the future.  Thank you!



Campers can purchase Snacks, Drinks and JMUVB gear at the camp store.   We will also have a pizza night ($10/large pizza).  We take cash/check (Made out to MADaboutvolleyball Camps).



Any campers wishing to drive themselves to camp and leave the car at JMU, must email Lauren at prior to camp to get their car registered to park.  All keys to these cars must be turned into the Camp Director (Coach Lauren Steinbrecher) at check-in for the duration of camp.



Below is a suggested list of clothes, equipment and personal items.  

JMU is not responsible for lost or stolen articles or money. 


§ Linens (XL Twin) & blanket or sleeping bag

§ Pillow/Pillowcase

§ Towels

§ 10 T-shirts

§ Knee pads

§ 4-6 shorts/spandex

§ 8-10 pairs of socks

§ 1 pair of volleyball shoes, well broken-in

§ Water bottle

§ Umbrella

§ Pajamas

§ Underwear & Socks

§ Alarm clock

§ Volleyball Shoes / Walking Shoes

§ Toiletries/Personal Items

§ Washcloths & Soap (including Hand Soap for the bathroom)

§ Appropriate spending money


Here are some important facts that apply to commuter campers only.


All Commuter Campers register at the same time as overnight campers in Paul Jennings Hall.  If you are interested in buying any camp gear, we recommend you do it at check-in.  The camp store is located in the dorms and therefore, you will not be back to the camp store with your schedule.


You will receive your schedule on the first day of camp.  After you’ve eaten breakfast at home, you should arrive at the volleyball courts 10 minutes prior to the start of your first session (except Day 1 when you register with everyone).  You will join the overnight campers for both lunch and dinner.  Commuter campers depart after the evening session.  Departure each evening is between 8:00-9:15P at the Convocation Center.  There is free time scheduled into camp as it is a four day camp with three sessions a day.  We do not require you to go to a certain place for free time, but you are welcome to find a place to relax at the Convocation Center in the seats or walk to the dorms with an overnight camper.  Feel free to bring a book/movie for those two hours if you like.  


To leave a message:    859-351-0019

Emergency ONLY:        540-478-3330